This is Echo. 


Echo is a crow I rescued and wanted to include her somewhere in my website.  She had a big impact on my life. 


I love working with animal medicine and totems as part of my spiritual practice. 


Nature has its way in connecting us with the Divine.  A communication through his creation can deepen that relationship. 



Services listed below

​ Readings online and in Person


Whether you are with me in person or online my goal is to make validating connections with your energy and those who passed.  I offer cards during a hour session as well for further details of information and validation.  Everyone is different and so will vary in how it's structured. 



Psychic/Intuitive Workshops


This workshop will focus on Psychic/Intuitive development which can lead to strengthening an innate ability on the psychic spectrum.  I can help guide and facilitate individuals and groups to discover useful exercises that can deepen your understanding of your gifts and abilities.  I cannot make you psychic or a medium but I can help you to discover your strengths.   We all learn and develop at different levels and your level of commitment.  ​If you are interested in a workshop please inquire for more details.  

House Blessings 


There are different interpretations and techniques for a house blessing.  What I have to offer is an at home reading for the host and lessons on how to smudge yourself, others and the environment you live in.  You may also come to my location with the same offer as it will include the lesson on how to smudge  This in total I offer a hour and half and will provide you with samples of herbs to smudge and pray with.  ​Please contact me for an appointment. 



Psychic/Medium Party


This requires me to come to your location.  How this looks depends on what you are looking for.  It's usually the host that has a gathering with food and drink while I'm in another room giving individual private half hour readings to your guests. 

The other option is to have a group of a min of 4 and up to 6 people all in the same room while I make connections with each while all present. The only thing is it will vary on who I spend more time on.  It will be for 3 hours but not everyone is equally timed.  It is different flow as a group.  Family and close friends tend to pick groups especially if they all want to hear from a passed family member.  Everyone will get something from it even if the focus is not all on them.

​Please contact me for further details and to book your party.  


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