Butterflies from Beyond

31 years ago my Nana Dorothy died suddenly. It was devastating for the whole family. She was a constant in our lives and as many of you know losing a loved one is never easy. Many of us look for signs and may never feel we receive them. Sometimes we have to be patient and have no expectation of the sign and trust in certain events, items or sayings that come forward to us as it being a way they can reach out. Some people from over the years have told me some amazing encounters. Such as asking a dying loved one to do something specific after they pass and had managed to bring that very thing to their loved ones to let them know they are ok.

At 20 years old I had no idea about hearing from a loved one or friend after death. One day after Nana was gone I was sitting in her yard all alone and was looking up at the sky with tears flowing and asked her to send me a sign. Not long after while still sitting there in the grass I noticed some movement in the tree line in her yard. It was dozens of monarch butterflies! Within seconds of seeing them they began to fly towards me and many landing on me while others flew around me. If you can imagine my mind was spinning in disbelief and I even looked around to see if anyone else was seeing what was happening. The whole experience lasted at least half a min and they just all flew upwards and and slowly disappeared over and into the trees. My heart swelled with so much emotion and I felt so grateful for that encounter and believe it was a gift and sign that my Nana was near and listening to me as I grieved.

Fast forwarding 20 plus years later it was the anniversary of Nana's death. I was working in Stratford, Ont. That day upon getting ready for work I asked Nana to please if she wasn't busy to send me a sign she is still near and can hear me. I headed off to work and never thought about it again with my mind just focused on the days tasks. I was waiting on a woman for about an hour and when she was done she was walking out to leave. Something prompted her to stop and turn around to tell me something that was nagging her to tell me. This lovely lady proceeded to inform me she wrote a book and felt she should tell me that she wrote this book. She went out and returned with her book...this is the book....

She also signed it for me.....

So as you can imagine nobody could ever convince me that was just a coincidence. I wanted to share my experience as it's too awesome not to...lol but also to know that I believe it is possible that our loved ones can reach out with the validation in many ways. They can come to us in a thought, feeling and from a song, dimes and creating synchronicities that bring that lightness to a grieving heart and a smiling tear you know they are near!

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