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 Over 15 years ago I met a woman who told me I would one day be a reader.  My first response was to laugh out loud with the humorous thoughts of myself fulfilling that role.   I was already interested in the paranormal and how and why I was having unusual experiences but never dreamed I would be sitting down years later with hundreds of people for a reading. 

Before social media and access to internet I spent time reading books with content about the paranormal, unseen, energy systems, crystals, consciousness, meditation, spirituality/faith and self help.


Never did I have thoughts I would become a reader but everything changed with the help of my accuser who paved the road for me to get me started.  She herself is a clairvoyant and offered readings in a local flower shop inviting me to come along.  Before I knew what was happening the experiences opened something inside me that I never knew was real.   You see I never had anyone ask me questions about psychic or mediumship or recognize something in me I myself never thought possible.  I am grateful for this path in life and with all things in life it would prove to have it's fair share of ups and downs.  

So as I continued my training I was able to gain enough confidence to go off on my own and have been doing readings ever since.  

Through word of mouth and social media people have been able to reach me and with this website I hope to have more flexibility and content for people to enjoy and see all I have to offer in one place.

I soon will be offering a podcast on all things paranormal as well as guest speakers and hope to have interactive subject matter with listeners.  I will also be sharing my experiences from different stages of my life and evidential content of photos and electronic voice phenomenon (evp).  

I am actively conducting online and in person readings, house readings and blessings, psychic/intuitive development workshops as well as health and wellness with meditation and any requested spiritual advice. (due to restrictions due to covid my services are limited and online readings are the main option at this time)

I take each of my sessions seriously and know what it's like to be at the receiving end of a reading so I do my best to make a validating connection with each individual.    When you have a reading with me my hope is to help you feel comfortable and I like to explain briefly how things work for me as a reader.  It's all about interpreting energy of thought, body, mind and spirit and each reader becomes an interpreter of their clients energy and some readers may have more mediumship, psychic connections, divination or all of the above.  Everyone is unique.  


I look forward to making more connections and hope you will enjoy this site.  


Many Blessings,



Areas covered include:

Love and Relationships




Career: New Opportunities and Promotion


Guidance for Future Goals and Desires



Inner Growth and Spiritual Development, connecting with those who passed. 

Psychic Reading

  • 1 on 1 in person

  • 1 Hour 

  • $80 per hour

  • Located in Jarvis, Ontario

Home Blessing

  • At your home $150 per hour and half

  • ​includes a hour reading

  • ​Travel expenses may apply


Psychic Party

  • 4  min-6 max People

  • Half hour Sessions

  • $50 Per Person

  • Travel Expenses may apply      

Online Reading

  • 1 on1 

  • 1 Hour Session

  • $80 per Hour

  • video messenger is Required